In recent years, the Latin American continent faced repercussions from the economic crisis, which significantly worsened the population’s quality of life. Furthermore, an increasing deterioration of the ecosystems takes place, in rural as well as in urban centres. Natural resources are being wasted due to irresponsible consumption and inadequate use.

    However, the waste of resources is not only due to the behaviour of the population, but also caused by public policies, which want to benefit immediately from the resources and do not undertake sufficiently to preserve them in the long-term.

    Many economic activities do not consider the environmental impact of their production and the costs of the damage they cause to the ecosystems. They neither calculate the cost to clean the contamination they produce or to stop the caused soil erosion. Such ventures represent a serious threat for the conservation of the biodiversity and the survival of future human populations.

    A new global environmental vision is required to protect the natural resources and unite specialized knowledge in order to lead to remedies for the current situation and for a sustainable administration of the planet’s biodiversity. This is necessary to increase the quality of life and to guarantee a sustainable development of all populations.


    • Development of special investigations, contributing by this means to scientific research programs and finally to Costa Rica’s environmental and socioeconomic development. Our main focus is the study of the biodiversity and of species in danger of extinction.
    • Consultancy and environmental impact evaluations for public and private entities in order to assure proper use natural resources.
    • Channel habitat and wild life preservation efforts in order to guarantee present and future generations the opportunity to live in harmony with nature.

    In particular, VIDA focuses its conservation efforts in Costa Rica’s Northern zone, at the Biological station Caño Negro Wild Life Refuge. This area was declared “Wildlife Area of International Importance” in 1991.

    In this area, the Association owns 60 hectares of wetland, which is part of a wider area of 180 acres that was declared a protection area by RAMSAR ( This area is located close to Caño Negro and gives space for the preservation of:

    • important wetlands that are genetic reserves for certain species – in this zone, there exist wide ranges of different species;
    • more than 350 bird species, including the emerald basilisk, as well as iguanas, river turtles, caimans and jaguars.

    VIDA seeks to continue the purchase of land in strategic areas of this region and aims at building an investigation station.

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