Mission: Contribute to the knowledge about and conservation of humpback whales in Central America.

General Objective: Study Costa Rica’s northern and southern humpback whale population.

Specific Objectives:

  • Determine the number of whales using Costa Rican waters as wintering area;
  • Identify the specific areas and the habitat within the region that are preferred by the whales;
  • Determine the annual return rate of whales to Costa Rican waters;
  • Study the possible overlap between the northern and southern whale populations;
  • Document the occurrence of other marine mammals in Costa Rican waters;
  • Determine possible threats to cetaceans in the region;
  • Rise awareness among coastal communities and tourist operators about the ecosystem and the dangers to it.


  • Regular boat surveys at Costa Rica’s Pacific coast during the whale season;
  • Photo-identification of the animals;
  • Recording of whale sounds;
  • Awareness-raising workshops in coastal communities, schools and for tours operators;
  • Coordination with other national and international organizations.

Award 2009

Member of the Coalicion Costarricense por las Ballenas

Fran Garita Alpízar
Scientific Investigator


  • Instructor in the “Bio-courses” from the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS): “Dolphins and Whales from Costa Rica”, Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. 2001- Present.
  • Member of the Latin American Society of Specialists in Aquatic Mammals, SOLEMAC.Research Associate of the Cascadia Research Collective, Washington.
  • Member of “Mar de Cetáceos” Latin-American network of information on non-lethal use and management of Cetaceans.

Areas of interest:

Conservation and management of marine mammals, and environmental education.

Activities and projects

  • Researcher of the project: Foto-identificación, distribution, and abundance of Humpback Whales Megaptera novaengliae in Centro America and Panama. 1996 – Present (Cascadia Research- VIDA).
  • Responsible of the Environmental Education Program in schools along the Pacific coast of Central America (VIDA). 2000 – Present.
  • Instructor in the “Bio-courses” from the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS): “Dolphins and Whales from Costa Rica”, Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. 2001- Present.
  • Cetaceans Training of boat’s Captains and Tourists operator’s from the marine National Park Ballena, Drake Bay and Sierpe. 2000 – present.  (OET-Cascadia Research- VIDA).
  • Participation in the Workshop “Current state of the Humpback Whales photo-identification in the reproduction areas in Latin-America” in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brasil. 2007.
  • Participation & poster presentation at the 1st International Meeting on Studies on aquatic mammals. SOMEMMA – SOLAMAC. Merida, Mexico. 2006.
  • Participation & oral presentation at the X Meeting of the Mesoamerican Society on Biology and Conservación, Symposium on Biology and Conservation of Cetaceans in Central America. Antigua, Guatemala. 2006.
  • Participation at the 5th Symposium of the Latin American Society of specialists on aquatic mammals and 11th workshop for specialists in aquatic mammals of South America. SOLAMAR. 2004.
  • Participation on the cruise ship expedition: Cascadia Research in Central American Waters: Expedition to determine the mating and calving grounds of Blue and Humpback Whales. 1999.


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