• Canada

    Not your typical classroom for students learning in Costa Rica

    Sometimes the best teachers are those we serve. Through ucalgarycares, 21 University of Calgary students travelled to Chira Island, Costa Rica, in early May to learn about community-based rural tourism and to teach English at a local school, a rewarding experience for locals and…

  • Slovenia

    Group of volunteers from Slovenia

    A group of young people from Slovenia worked in El Humo School as part of our volunteer program.

  • 25celebration

    25th Anniversary of VIDA!

    8th August. On this day we are celebrating 25 years of special experiences, special people worldwide and communities who trust in our work. Thanks to all the volunteers who have helped keep this dream to develop their personal growth, social sensitivity and best wishes…

  • News-whale

    Ballenas escogen Costa Rica para parir a sus crías

    Entrevista con la participación de la Coalición por las Ballenas Ticas, Frank Garita coordinador de nuestro programa de Cetaceos es parte! Salvemos las Ballenas! Let´s save the Whales! Omar Cascante. Teletica.com Aunque viven a miles de kilómetros de aquí, las ballenas vienen hasta Costa…