To design, promote and execute projects and programs by Non-Formal and Formal Education that include the Costa Rican population in sustainable development in rural and urban communities. We aim at improving the quality of life of these communities, involving young people and thereby forming young leaders, increasing their skills and abilities.

    Provide the Costa Rican population – by means of educational experiences as courses, exchanges programs, volunteer activities, workshops and seminaries – with information, reflection, and feedback on local, national and global issues and encourage thereby active participation of the society.

    Strategic Areas

    • Educational Experiences: to develop learning experiences that stimulate personal reflection and promote active solutions to solve and confront problems related to sustainable environment and linked to Sustainable Developent Goals from UN.
    • Youth Development: increasing his/her organization capacity, skills and self-esteem; developing a personal opinion about local, national and global environmental problems and being encouraged to search for concrete and direct solutions to such problems in his/her daily life.
    • Service Learning and community development: Create an opportunity for exchange and cooperative work for people from different contexts, with diverse resources and interests in order to create mutual understanding and common action.