The Environmental Association VIDA is a nongovernmental organization who was founded by college students, professionals and citizens generally, conscious of the environmental problem and with desires to offer to solutions through different projects and activities.

    From its conformation the voluntary work of the associates constitutes one of the main human resources for the organization. With the same dynamism that was created in the organization, in the Programs and projects it tries to work with the support and the participation of multidisciplinary equipment.

    The environmental education of young people, the formation of youthful leaders, the projects of viable development in rural communities of our country, the development of plans of handling for reserves and the impulse for the creation of the same, have constituted the main profits of the Environmental Association VIDA

    Helping us to continue with our  activities, programs and projects to aware the population on the importance of the ecosystems, the suitable handling and the rational use of the natural resources, thus to improve the quality of life, favouring and fortifying the sustainable development.

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