Projects from 1988 to 1990

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    • The production of the video of 20 minutes for television on the problem of the trash  metropolitan area (recorded in format 3/4"y VHS) in 1990.
    • Agreement of collaboration VIDA /  University of Carolina of the North (the USA) for the brought one of volunteers who work in communal projects and of conservation. The first group arrived in June of 1990 and developed programs of massive vaccination in Guayabo and Palo Verde, as well as the sanitary construction of an aqueduct, services and marking of turtles in Tortuguero.
    • Seminary of Environmental Education with all the groups of conservation of the country. Julio of 1990. VIDA’s office National Park  Braulio Carrilo.
    • Program of Cleaning of the Cariari Park, Limón. Displacement of Volunteers for the processing of a technical report on the Environmental State of the Cariari Park.
    • Seminary on the Environmental State of the Recreational Park Cariari. Limdn. Mayo 1990.
    • V Camping Factory of Environmental Education. Bagaces, Biological Reserve Lomas de Barbudal.13 – 14 January 1990.
    • Seminary: Private Company and Ecological Equilibrium in Costa Rica. Sala Kamakiri. December 1989.
    • Cinema forum: Gorillas in the fog. VIDA’s office.


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    • Accomplishment of IV the Camping of Environmental Education in Limón. 22 – 23 Julio of 1989.
    • Celebration of the Festival of Environmental Education VIDA"89 in the Square of the Culture. March 1989
    • Accomplishment of II Workshop of Summer of Environmental Education in San Rafael de Heredia. 19 – 22 of January of 1989.
    • Brought of the volunteers German of the International Christian Youth Exchange to collaborate in the different projects from the Association. January 1989.
    • Collaboration in the cleaning and reforestation of the Braulio Carrillo highway . January 1989.
    • Financing of the Project " Physical Effects in the Habitat Animal " of the student Marlon Pineda of the School El Rosario to participate in the National Aid of Scientific Fairs.


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    • Seminary on National Strategy of Conservation ECODES. Exp. Vivian Solís. Executive Director or Seminary on biodiversity. Exp. Christopher Voughan.Director Program of Masters in Wild Life, National University. October 1988
    • Seminary on ringed of migratory birds .VIDA – National Museum. October of 1988
    • Course of Natural History of Costa Rica. VIDA – UNED for Volunteers of the Zoological Park Simón Bolivar.
    • Course of environmentalist leaders VIDA – UNED. August – October of 1988
    • First Workshop of Environmental Education. Audience Square of the Culture. 25 June of 1988


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